Yalgur -Yalguresh

Yalgur -Yalguresh

History of the place goes back to the time of Vasistha Ramayana and Shri Yalguresh stands in the village of Yalgur on the order of Shri Rama for seven villages(Elu Uresh == Yalguresh). 

How To Reach Yalgur?

One can reach the holy temple by bus from Bijapur, Bagalkot, Muddhebihaall. It would be very convenient for one to reach here from Nidgundi as there are many auto-rickshaws from there and buses pass through Nidgundi since it is situated on the National Highway[NH-13]. The auto-rickshaws cost as much as Rs.15 from Nidgundi to Yalgur.

There are many direct buses available at the time of the Kartik Mahotsava.

Also from Almatti Staion (on Bijapur-Gadag Section ) there are buses availabe to Nidgundi and many autos plying towards yalgur.


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