Sevas -Korwaresh

Below are the list of Seva’s that could be performed on regular basis. The tickets for the seva’s are available at the office counter and the prasada for the same would be distributed at the counter next to the main office.

Kaakadd Aarti : Early in the moring Kaakadd Aarti Seva is performed in the temple to Lord Shri Korwaresh.

Mahapuja : Before noon the priest goes to the Krishna river takes bath and he brings holy water in the KalashaKumbha and removes all ornaments of Shri Korwaresh and perform bath to Idol of Shri Korwaresh.

Kumkum Seva: After Mahapuja he sprays Kumkuma to the idol and it is called Kumkum Seva and put all the ornaments to Korwaresh and also grooms him with floral garland and lots of flowers.

Dharpa Seva : After that the poojari performs Dharpa Seva (Dhoopaarti) and then Mangalaarti.

Pachamruta Abhishekha: Before Mahapuja and after removing all the ornaments Panchamruta Abkishekha is performed and then Benni Pooja and Kheera Aabhiskeha is performed.

And in the evening at about 8 P.M. Dhoop Aarti Seva is performed every Day.

Pallakhi Seva:  Every Saturday there is Pallakhi Seva. In the Pallakhi Seva.

Naivedya: Contact village people or Aarcharyas to arrange a Naivedya on a particular date. The Naivedya items/ Pakwaans can be selected by your choice.

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